Our MSP Emissaries

One of our aims at Mental Space Academy India is to spread awareness about the possibilities and power of Mental Space Psychology in India and beyond. Our highly skilled MSP Emissaries work tirelessly towards this very goal. Be it with their coaching or workshop facilitation, they tie in the magic of Mental Space.

Keen on learning more? Feel free to reach out to an MSP Emissary in your region.

Sridevi Datta

Sridevi Datta is Vizag Emissary of Mental Space Psychology. Sridevi Datta is an NLP Life Coach, Social Panorama Consultant (coached by Dr Lucas Derks) and the founder of  iflowconsultants.com. She works with individuals and groups using the NLP and MSP modalities. To reach Sridevi, contact her at +91-7729033377 or Email her at sridevidatta@iflowconsultants.com

Shantanu Das Sharma

Shantanu Das Sharma is Kolkata Emissary of Mental Space Psychology, and has been trained by Dr. Lucas Derks. He conducts individualised excellence adjustments with NLP+ and Social Panorama Model at client’s pace and privacy in Kolkata, India.

Neuromind Leadership Academy-The School of Human Excellence
Address: Flat# 5, 98H Roy Bahadur Road, Kolkata – 700034. India.Mobile: +91-9051402135
Email: shantanu.neuromind.leadership@gmail.com
Website : www.excellenceintervention.com