Mental Space Academy India

Mental Space Academy India joins forces with the Society for Mental Space Psychology and the dynamic network of Mental Space Psychologists around the globe to support the shifting paradigm in psychology, therapy and change work. 

We, at MSAI, aim to uphold the high standards of research and application set by the pioneers of SOMSP. 

MSAI is committed to the following purposes: 

  • To embrace and explore the sheer diversity that exists within the science of Mental Space Psychology 
  • To expand our knowledge and understanding of Mental Space with international co-operation 
  • To facilitate the respectful exchange of relevant information and resources 
  • To serve as a reference source for everything to do with MSP 
  • To support education, research, archiving and publishing of relevant historical and modern publications 
  • To demonstrate practical applications with seminars, sessions, demonstration projects 
  • To raise the global awareness of Mental Space Psychology 

Founder – Dr. Bhavana Nissima

Dr. Bhavana Nissima, popularly known as The Lightweaver, is an NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner. She has been trained by some of the most well-known international trainers like Mark Andreas, Dr Lucas Derks, Sue Knight, Michael Perez, Nick Kemp, Ramesh Prasad, Amy Bell, Jacqueline Heemskerk, and Damon Cart. She is the Ambassador of Mental Space Psychology in India, and has founded Mental Space Academy India. She runs The Lighthouse in Hyderabad, where she works 1:1 with clients to enable, rehabilitate and rejuvenate their creative flow in arts, innovation, business or their personal lives. She is also one of the 15 esteemed speakers at the first Global NLP Conference in India, to be held in Mumbai on Nov 30-Dec 1.

Our MSP Emissaries in India